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After almost 27 years of providing travel medical advice, Round Trip Travel Health Clinic (RTTHC) will be closing its doors on May 31, 2017. The Ontario government has made vaccines more widely available including at pharmacies throughout Ontario. This has contributed in part to the difficulty in operating a stand-alone clinic for travel health. RTTHC wishes to thank its many patients for their trust in allowing us to provide them with the tools to travel as safely as possible over these years.

RTTHC patients, please contact your family physician or another health care provider if you require follow up vaccinations.  A record of the vaccines received from our clinic have been forwarded to the family physician indicated at the time of your appointment with us.

The following website may assist you with locating another travel clinic www.travelhealthclinics.ca

One of the most serious and common oversights is your health.

At Round Trip Travel Health Clinic, our specialized travel health staff will educate and immunize you against travel health hazards in order to minimize your risk of getting sick while travelling.

We are one of the few travel clinics overseen by an Infectious Disease Specialist (Dr. Mike Lingley MD, FRCPC) with certification in Travel and Tropical Medicine.

Round Trip Travel Health Clinic wants you to arrive home with memories and photos, not regrets!

Travel Fact: Did You Know...
Surprisingly, motor vehicle accidents are the most common cause of deaths amongst travellers.  Keep alert on the roads.  If you plan to drive a car or motorcycle we suggest obtaining an international drivers license.

Protect Yourself from Meningitis
Meningitis refers to a condition marked by inflammation of the covering of the brain and spinal cord. Bacterial causes result in a very serious medical condition. The risk of infection from a bacteria called Neisseria Meningitis can be markedly reduced by vaccination. The latest meningococcal vaccines protect people against multiple serotypes of this organism. The vaccine Menactra includes the strains A,C,Y, W-135 which can protect you wherever you live but is a requirement when travelling to Hajj in Mecca. Be sure to get your vaccine 10 days prior to departure for Saudi Arabia and receive your certificate of immunization.
Yellow Fever is a serious and possible life threatening disease caused mostly by the bite of an infected mosquito seen in some countries of South America and Africa.
There is a vaccine to help prevent this disease, however presently there is a short supply.
We are encouraging all who need this vaccine for their destination to reserve their dose so that it is available on their visit to our clinic.


Arrive Home With Memories and Not Regrets!

Don't Forget the Insect Repellent!
ZIKA, Dengue, Malaria and other diseases carried by mosquitoes can be life threatening and/or life altering. It is important to apply insect repellent with 30% DEET or 20% Icaridin throughout the day and evening.  Insect repellent helps protect from many different insect borne diseases during travel.  Wearing long loose, light coloured clothing is also beneficial in protecting from insects and the sun.

Our Markham location, offers a large selection of travel products for purchase including: Insect repellent suggested by CDC and WHO,  Bed Bug/Insect Killer, Insect Head Netting, Water Purification Tablets Life Straw water products and Travel compression socks. Feel free to ask our travel health staff for more information about our products.